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Research Interests

I work primarily on languages of East and Southeast Asia. The specific languages and groups in which I am interested and which I have worked on are as follows:

  • Hmong-Mien
    • Western Hmongic
  • Tibeto-Burman
    • Tangkhulic
    • Kuki-Chin
    • Jingpho

Aside from specific languages, I am interested in a variety of linguistic subfields and issues. Here is a representative outline of my theoretical interests:

  • Phonology
    • Tone
    • Phonation type/register
    • Chain shifts and other counterfeeding opacity
    • Abstractness of phonological relationships
    • Phonetics-Phonology interface
    • Phonology-Morphology interface
  • Morphology
    • Compounding
    • Process morphology
    • Reduplication
    • Phonological constraints on morphotactics
    • Affix ordering
  • Historical Linguistics
    • Comparative reconstruction
    • Reconstructing phonological grammars
    • Speaker misunderstanding and misinterpretation as a source of linguistic innovation
    • Language contact
  • Language Description