• davidmortensen@gmail.com

A Computationally-Oriented Linguist

Trained as a theoretical and descriptive linguist but self-trained regarding a range of related computational problems, my background presents an unusual intersection of advantages. While I am not a computational linguist in the traditional sense, I have experience working with computer scientists to implement NLP solutions that benefit from the best of linguistic theory and computer science. Knowing enough computer science to prototype tools and converse intelligently with NLP specialists and programmers, I am able to simultaneously bring to bear a large body of knowledge about the universal properties and tendencies of languages. I am especially well suited for work with lower-resource languages and on problems relating to phonology and morphology.

Working on research at a greater or lesser distance from the end-user has left me with a significant conviction: I am determined to do work that improves the lives of human beings in a concrete and direct-as-possible way. While I believe that pure academic research is important, the closer I am to the consumer of language technologies, the better I feel about my work.

One aspect of academia that I did find particularly important and fulfilling was teaching (and mentoring). I do not seek a position in which I have formal teaching responsibilities, but I do value the opportunity to share information and to do so in an effective manner. I look forward to a time when I can guide and mentor other members of my team in the areas in which I have expertise (and to receive instruction and mentorship from other team members in their areas of expertise).